E-Mail and WEB: Bailine e-mail address and web space

Contact Bailine HQ if you want an email address or web space on a Bailine domain.

Before you contact us you need to have a working private email account where
we can forward your Bailine emails.

If you want to distinguish between your private emails and Bailine emails you
should create a new email address for Bailine use only, before you contact us.

You have to be the owner of a Bailine shop to qualify for email or web space.

What Bailine email will you get?

Usually we will give you an address based on the area you are located in:

eg. oslo@bailine.no, malmo@bailine.se etc.

If your private email is xyz@somewherelse.com and we create the address
yourshop@bailine.xyz for you., any emails sent to yourshop@bailine.xyz
will automatically end up in the xyz@somewhereelse.com account.

Note that e-mail addresses can not reliable contain non-English language
characters. You should also avoid CAPITAL letters in your address.

How to 'send' from your Bailine email

To be able to 'send' from your Bailine email, type in your Bailine email
address as the 'reply address' in your email program

In most versions of Microsoft Outlook you use the menu Tools + Accounts
to change your reply address.

Doing this you are still sending from your private email account but to
receivers it will appear as if you are sending from your Bailine email.

How to test your email

If you unsure if your private email address is working: Send an email to your
own address. If you do NOT receive your own emails it is likely there is an error.

To test your Bailine email; send an email to your Bailine email address. If you do
NOT receive your email into your private email account it is likely there is an error.

Usually it takes only a few second for an email to reach you. In some cases it may
take longer. And if there is a serious problem with a server, email may be 'held up'
on the Internet for several days. That seldom happens though.

Check your reply address

When you receive your own email; check that the reply address of your
own email is correct. If it is not correct other people may not be able to
reply to your emails.

To be absolutely sure other people can reply to your own emails you can
reply to your own email: if you do not receive your own reply then your
email may not be properly set up.

E-mail is NOT a 100% reliable media. E-mails may get lost in the system,
They may also end up at another receivers address (even if you have used
the correct address yourself.)

However most e-mails will reach their destination.

Virus and Spam

You need to run a virus scanner.

You can get viruses from receiving e-mail, you can also get viruses from
visiting certain web pages. You can also get viruses from CDs and other

Spam is unwanted email. There is no way to avoid spam 100%. The more
you give out your email address to others the more the chances of it getting
hit by spam.

If you get too much unwanted email the only solution may be to change
to using a new address.

If you do not receive emails from Bailine HQ check that the addresses of
HQ has not been black listed on your side.

SPF and other problems

While receiving emails through email forwards is part of the internet
standard for email, some email providers will block that.

If that is the case you either have to stop using your Bailine email, or
you have to switch to another email provider that follow the internet
standards for email.

One way for email providers to block spam is to install a system called
SPF. SPF works great for stopping spam but the system is not 100%
compatible with the current internet email standards.

If you are on a system that installs SPF you have to stop using the
Bailine forward, or you have to change your email account provider.

If you are on a SPF system not all people will be able to email you
even if you are only using your private email address.

Why would you want a Bailine email forward?

Your client may find it easier to remember your address if it is located on a
Bailine domain, but more important:

If your private email account develops a problem, or is discontinued, you can
change to another private email account, and we can update the forwarding of
your Bailine email to you new address so that you will not have to change
your listed email on your advertising or notify your clients etc.

Web space

You can get free web space on a Bailine server for a web page.

The web address will in most cases be similar to your bailine email:

If you have the Bailine email address myplace@bailine.com your web
address will be myplace.bailine.com and www.myplace.bailine.com.

Default web space is typical 50-100 MB and is ment for Bailine
relevant web pages only. There are no spesific limits on bandthwidths
or CPU use though we reserve the right to decline users that uses
unreasonable server resources.

The servers are LAMP based running SUEXEC. Use passive FTP.
If your ISP is blocking the default port 21, try using port 22 instead.
(Google LAMP and SUEXEC etc for more information)

Contact HQ If you have other requirements, like database access etc.

Email forwards

Why do Bailine supply email forwards and not true email accounts?

Most Internet providers will give you one or more email addresses
as part of your subscription.

E-mail is a complicated system with almost unlimited possibilities
for problems. Bailine is not an Internet provider and we do not have
the resources for an e-mail support line.

You can get free and reliable email accounts on the Internet.


We do not monitor forwarded emails.


We do not guarantee our system will be 100% compatible with your
email provider, nor do we guarantee all forwards will succeed.

We reserve the right to discontinue the use of Bailine emails and/or
Bailine web space without notice.

Currently we have no plans to discontinue these services.

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq