Equipment list

The simulators

There are two kinds of Bailine simulators. The picture below shows the SIM-16 simulator

The pad cables

On the above picture you also see the colored pad cables plugged into the simulator

The pads

The pad cables are connected to round rubber pads in various colors.

Yellow pads are more easily damaged by wear and tear and thus gray pads are often used instead of yellow ones. At the above picture you see four pads put together as in the 'two-and-two' test as explained in the computer manual.

The elastics

The elastics have different colors and are used to strap the pads to the client body.

The dongle

The dongle is a small blue box that is to inserted between the printer cable and the computer.
The arrows on the dongle show which part should be plugged into the computer.

The computer card and the multi-port cable


The computer or simulator card is also sometimes referred to as the multi-port card
The card comes in a box like the above. It contains a computer card like the one below

There are two kinds of simulator cards. One for older computers and one for newer computer.
The card has to be installed into the computer. Some computers works with both kinds of cards.

The box also contains a gray multi port cable. This cable is sometimes referred to as the 'octopus'
The 'octopus' is attached to the simulator card after the card has been installed into the computer

The connection cables

The simulators are connected to the computer with 'connection cables' like the one shown on the above picture The connection cable is a short cable (approx 3 feet or 1 meter), you need one for each simulator.

Besides the connection cable you also get a roll of longer cable that you use to lengthen the connection cables to reach from the computer to each cubicle.

Important: Before you cut any cables: TEST the connection cables by moving the simulators next to the computer and hook them up to see that everything is working.

There are several different kinds of 'connection cables'. Cables to be used with the SIM-16 simulators are either marked with RED tape or ink (as shown on the picture), or they are unmarked.

Cables marked with black tape or ink will not work with the SIM-16 simulator

In order to use the built in serial port you may need a 9-25 pins adapter. The adapter may look like the short cable on the above picture. Do not confuse this cable with the 'connection cable'. They may have the same plugs but are differently wired internally.

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq