How to install a new BSP version

  • Always take a backup of your client data before you install a new version.

  • Never install a new version just before expecting customers. If there should
    be a problem will need some time to correct it.

  • Make sure you have a copy of the files for the current version available so
    you can revert to the old version if a new version should cause problems.

A BSP installation set for version 3.41 or later should contain the following files:


You can download these files from www.bailine.com/faq + download

Click on the directory with the highest version number for the language version you want to install.

Download ALL files in the directory to e.g. a memory stick or a floppy disk.

To install the program copy the above files to a folder c:\bailine, and bailine.bat to c:\

If you are installing from a floppy disk you can type a:\install [Enter] to install the program

If you are using a memory stick you have to copy the files manually:

DOS: How to create a new directory and copy files

To install from a floppy disk, type:
a:\install  [Enter]

To install from e.g. a memory stick, type:

cd\  [Enter]
md bailine  [Enter]
cd bailine   [Enter]

copy x:\bailine.*  c:\bailine  [Enter]
copy c:\bailine.bat  c:\  [Enter]

Where X is the letter of your memory stick.