How to install the printer and print the body image

Click here for instructions on how to test if a printer is DOS compatible.

Connecting the printer

The printer cable should be connected to the blue Bailine dongle, which again should be inserted into the computers parallel port.

<Printer> ------ <Printer cable> ----- <Dongle> ---- <Computer>

Configure the printer

All options for printer configuration are found under the menu 'Bailine: Program Setup: Printer Setup'.

You can use the function 'Test' located at the bottom of the screen for starting a test printout.

Note that is when you change some of the options under the above menu you will have to redo any 'body images' prepared for printout. You do that by hitting 'P' (for prepare) twice after you select the menu for preparing a 'body image'.

Menu: 'Bailine: Program Setup: Printer Setup: Printer type'

In order to discover which printer driver to use you have to use trial and error. Most laser- or ink printers work best with the 'HP laser (PCL) choice.

Menu: 'Bailine: Program Setup: Printer Setup: Character Set'

Use the above menu If local characters are not display properly on the printouts.

If 'Standard' does not work try changing to 'IBM/PC' or one of the other options..

Menu: 'Bailine: Program Setup: Printer Setup: Type of paper'

Here you can select between 'Continuous paper' or 'Separate sheets'.

If you have selected 'Continuous paper' while the printer is actually using 'Separate sheets'
the 'Body image' will not be printed correctly.

Menu: 'Bailine: Program Setup: Printer Setup: Other: Page length'

If you get blank pages with your printouts the printers default page length may be set incorrect.

The above menu can be used to override the default paper type by entering a code:

A4 selects the A4 format

LET selects 'Letter format' (USA)

EXE selects 'Executive format'

LET selects 'Legal format'

How to print the body image

In order to print the body image you have to have selected a printer type other than 'text only'.

The body image can only be printed as part of a client report.

Start by opening the client, use the menu selection: 'Measurements' + 'Body image'. When you have the body image on the screen, prepare the print out by pressing 'P' (= Prepare). It should now say 'To Be Printed' at the lower right of the screen. Next you exit the body image, and starts a print out.

If you change the printer type setup, you have to 'prepare' the body
image and the other graphics again before the change gets full effect.

If the body image is not included with the print out, you should check what items the program has registered for print out. You do this by using the menu selection 'Client' + 'Report (overview)'. Check that the 'Body image' is listed. If the body image is missing, you can add it manually by using the menu selection 'Archive & Report' + 'Archive#4: Other data'. (This only works as long as you have remembered to 'prepare' the print out as explained above)

If the body image does not appear on the printout, or only a part of the body image is printed, check the menu 'Bailine: Program Setup: Printer Setup: Type of paper'

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq