Installing the simulator card (ISA card with 8 ports)

Note: The following information is valid only for ISA cards with eight ports.

Before you insert the card into the computer, you should remove all power cables, and disconnect all other equipment connected to wall outlets, eg. the monitor and printer etc.

The card may be destroyed by static electricity. Before you handle the card, remove any statics by touching the metal of the computer case. Never touch any of the electronic components on the card.

Important: Check that the card you have is properly configured:

The program contains built in drivers for the following three setup configurations:

Jumpers (JP):

JP1:  'Pin couple' 1,2, 3 or 4 should be bridged. (Delay wait state = (n-1) CPU cycles)
         The default configuration has a bridge in position 3
JP2:  No connection between pins (IRQ sharing)
JP3:  The pins should be bridged. (master/slave mode)

Switches (SW): Note that SW1 and SW3 is next to each other on most cards.

SW1:  Switch 2 & 4 = ON, all other switches off (Addr = 280h)
SW2:  Switch 1 = ON, all other switches off (IRQ = 3)
SW3:  Switch 2, 5, 6 & 7 = ON, all other switches off (Vector = 2C0h)

In order to connect more than 10 (8+2) simulators to the computer, use additional eight-port cards with the same jumper settings, but with switches set up as ...

SW1 : 1 & 4 = ON (A=180h)
SW3 : 1 & 5,6,7 = ON (V=1C0h)
SW2 : 3 = ON (IRQ5)

SW1 : 1, 3 & 4 = ON (A=100h)
SW3 : 1, 3 & 5, 6, 7 = ON (V=140h)
SW2 : 3 = ON (IRQ5)

In case you don't get the card to work, verify that the card is fully inserted into one of the computers card slots, also check that no switches on the card is in a 'mid between position' etc.

(If you are uncertain that the card is properly seated, remove the card completely and reinsert it (instead
of trying to excert to much pressure on the card to get it properly seated, you can also try the card in a different slot if more than one slot is availble)

You may have to turn off and on the computer a couple of times after you have inserted the card before it will work as intended.

Port number one on this card may not work on all computers. In that case you have to connect simulator#1 to another unused port, typically port number 6.

(A function to hide port number one has been put into the BSP program v3.06 or newer: Bailine + Program Setup + Simulator Setup + Info + Edit)

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq