Installing BSP under DOS (or Windows 32 bits DOS mode)

Give this information to those helping you with the computer setup.
(Or you can give them this link: www.bailine.com/faq)

Item 1) The Bailine computer

a) You need a desktop computer. You can use almost any type
    (Full specifications at www.bailine.com/faq)

b) You may need a PCI card with parallel and serial ports unless
     using a motherboard with these ports built in (recommended!).

c) You need an available PCI slot for a Bailine multiport card
     if you are going to run more than one simulator.

d) You may need a serial port adapter for using a built in serial port
    (unless you are using the Bailine card)

e) An internal floppy drive or writeable CD/DVD may simplify
    installing and backups. (You need the internal floppy drive if you
    are not installing both DOS and Windows on the computer)

Note 1: The computer needs to support PnP from BIOS. Most if not
all computers supports this. (Click here for more information.)

Note 2: The PCI card must be DOS compatible. (Cards that supports
Windows only can not be used. Click here for some information on eg
using a Sunsway/ST Lab PCI card)

Note 3: You need a Bailine dongle plugged into a parallel port
in order to run the BSP program. (Click here and scroll down for
a picture of the dongle)

Note 4: Click here for information on using a laptop computer
and for descriptions of parallel and serial ports.

Item 2) Overview of the installation

a) Check that the computer follows the specifications

b) Create a first primary partition for DOS (500 mb only, not 512!)
     leaving space for a an optional Windows or Linux installation.

c) Insert and install a PCI card with serial/parallel ports
   (unless the computer has these ports built in)

d) Insert and install the Bailine simulator card
   (unless you are only using built in ports)

e) Plug the Bailine dongle into the parallel port

f) Install The BSP program into the DOS partition

g) Start the BSP program and test the simulator ports

h) Finally ... verify the installation!

Item 3) Installing the hardware

a) If the computer does not have built in serial and parallel ports,
     insert a PCI card.with these ports into the computer

b) The Bailine dongle should be plugged into a parallel port.
    (Printer port)

c) The Bailine simulator card should be plugged into an available
    PCI slot in the computer.

    Installing the Bailine PCI card

    Installing the Bailine ISA card

Item 4) Installing Real Mode DOS

For shop use the program MUST be run in a real mode DOS.

You can NOT run the BSP program under Windows with
more than a few simulators; for using multiple simulators you
need to install a real mode DOS alongside with Windows.

Click below for more information:

a) Installing MS-DOS 7.10 + Windows

Item 5) Running the program under Windows

(Skip this part if you are not running under Windows)

The BSP program was developed for real mode DOS but you should
be able to run it under Windows 98/95/SE/XP and 32 bits Windows
(but not 64 bits!) for eg. home training or presentations as long as your
computer has the required serial and parallel ports.
(Windows ME/NT/2000/Vista and others not tested)

Running under Windows you must install some drivers:

a) Installing Windows drivers for the Bailine dongle

b) Installing Windows drivers for the Bailine card

Item 6) Downloading the BSP program

Go to www.bailine.com/files + program files, then select one of the
BSP directories. (Note: Not all language versions are found there)

Download all the files in that directory to a new directory C:\BAILINE
on your computer, plus BAILINE.BAT into the root directory C:\

You do not need to eg. use a floppy disk or CD to install the program.
When you have DOS and Windows installed on the same computer
you can log into Windows and download the required files directly
into the Bailine/DOS installation.

Item 7) Starting the BSP program

You can start the BSP program from the DOS prompt by typing
\BAILINE [Enter]

In Windows you can start the BSP program by double clicking the
BAILINE.EXE file in the C:\BAILINE directory.

Select IGNORE on any errors you get from Windows.

(You can avoid these errors by right clicking on the bailine.exe file,
selecting properties + program: then change the command line to
c:\bailine\bailine.exe -com1- -com2-)

Item 8) Enabling and testing simulator ports and printer

Next you need to test the simulator ports.

Click here for information on how to enable and test the Bailine
simulator card and the simulator ports.

Click here for information on program and printer installation.

Item 9) Verifying the installation

The following list is not exensive but a check list for possible
installation problems if you install both DOS and Windows:

a) Verify that the user can boot the computer into DOS

b) Verify that the user has the proper national characters
     and keyboard layout in DOS

c) Verify that the user can boot the computer into Windows

d) Verify that the user has the proper national characters
    and keyboard layout in Windows

e) Verify that the user can access the DOS partition from Windows

f) Verify that the user can start the BSP program when in DOS

g) Verify that the user can use all eight simulator-ports when in DOS

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq