Installing Bailine BSP in Windows

  • You need a Windows 10 desktop or laptop that is not too slow.
  • You need a Bailine USB dongle for Windows.
  • You need an adapter with USB serial ports for each simulator.
  • You need to to change wires, or switch to networking cables, for each simulator

Required changes to cables

The new serial port adapters use 9-pin plugs while the previously PCI / ISA cards used 25-pin plugs so it is neccessary to change plugs from 25 to 9 pins on the PC side for each simulator.

If the simulators are connected via network cables, you need only to replace the 25-pin plugs at the PC side with new 9-pin plugs.

If the wires are soldered they must be replaced with 25-pin plugs, or you can use adapters.

In stead of changings plugs it may be easier to switch to using network cables.

About the new version:

The Windows version has been used by some studios since mid 2019 and it seems to be working well.

There is, however one minus: You can only use up to 4 simulators simultaneously.
This is a limitation that probably will eventually be removed.

PC / Laptop:

You need Windows 10 (64-bits or 32-bits). You can also use Windows 7.

We do not have the exact specifications for a system needed to run the simulators, but a very old computer may not be fast enough. You also need a faster computer to run four simulators instead of just one simulator.

(The reason lies within Windows drivers so this also varies with the type of adapters that are used.)


Tests indicate that, at least up to the 2018 generations, Intel CPUs work better than AMD.

We do not know how weak a computer can be used but have tested e.g. an Asus E406M with an Intel Celeron Dual Core N3710 (M/S 1864/576) which also appears to be sufficient.

A passmark single thread benchmark of 1500 should be sufficient, but it will depend on the system.

You can look up your computers CPU type through the Windows 10 menu + Settings + System + About.

The passmark single thread benchmark (which is only an indication) for a CPU can be found via www.passmark.com.

Alternatively, you have to try installing the program and check if it updates fast enough.

USB ports

Three USB inputs is an advantage:

  • One for the Bailine dongle
  • One for a serial port adapter
  • One for a printer

Alternatively you can use an USB hub. Depending on the PC and the equipment you may have to use a usb-hub with power.


You should be able to use any Windows printer when running the program under Windows so you may be able to continue to use the same printer as before if it can be connected to the new PC/laptop.

The printer will probably have to be connected by USB since the new PC will probably not have a parallel port, so in that case you will also need a USB cable for the printer.

There are USB to parallel port adapters, but they may not work on all systems.
The Bailine parallel port dongle will not work through a parallel port adapter.

You can also connect the printer through a network.

BSP program

Windows needs a different version of the BSP program than the versions used with DOS.

The program can be downloaded from the web and you can install it yourself, or HQ can log in through remote to your PC/latop to install it for you. But you need to have the Bailine USB dongle available before the program can be installed.

The Bailine BSP EMUX versions can be downloaded from www.bailine.com/faq + DOWNLOAD + BSP newer versions + BSP win emux programs.

The main data file (BAILINE.DAT) is identical for Windows and DOS versions.

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq