Setting the program's current date

Both the computer and the Bailine dongle contains a clock device. When the Bailine program is started the program compares the computer and dongle time and date and if the difference is significant the operator will be prompted to verify the date.

Changing the current date

The program's date can be changed through the menu 'Bailine: Current Date'. This menu can only be used while there is no clients open. Close any open clients before changing the date

Changing the computer's date works the same as changing the Bailine program's current date.


The computer contains a battery to maintain the clock. On old computers this battery may eventually go flat, and in particular if the computer has been stored without power for longer amounts of time.

In that case the date will be reset to a default date whenever the computer is restarted.

On most computers the clock battery can be replaced. Some computers may need to have the battery soldered in and out. If that is the case the computer is probably so old that it should be replaced.


With certain dongle problems the program may warn about the date even though the date is correct. In that case it is safe to not change the date.

Contact HQ to get the dongle repaired or replaced.

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq