Installing the wires connecting the simulator and the computer

Before cutting any cables, start by verifying that the supplied simulator cable works as intended: i.e. move a simulator close to the computer, connect the simulator to with computer with the cable, then verify that the simulator can be started from the computer program

Simulator SIM-16 and FIG-16(green 'START' buttion) requires a different
'simulator plug' than the MS-16 type simulator ('ACTIVE' button).

When eg. replacing a MS-16 simulator with a SIM-16 or FIG-16 simulator,
you have to replace the plugs on both ends of the cable. The old
plugs must be removed, and the new ones attached (both on the
PC side, and on the simulator end of the cable).

In order to distinguish between the two kinds of `simulator plugs', plugs to be used with SIM-16 or FIG-16 have been marked with red tape (or possibly ink). If for some reason you should want to solder the plugs yourself, the new plugs will have to be marked accordingly.

How to cut and splice the simulator cables

The simulator cable (with plugs) is approximately 2-3 feet (1-2 meters) long. For the cable to reach from the computer to a distant simulator cubicle, you will need to splace it with an extra cable.

It is recommended that you solder the inner wires, alternatively twine the cables together as shown on the picture, however make sure NEVER to splice the cables by mechanical means.

If you are splicing cables of exactly the same kind, connect the inner wires with the same colors to each other. If the cables are of different type, then connect the inner wires as explained next to the picture.

red/yellow/blue/black              green/yellow/brown

--red -------------------- orange ------------ brown--
--yellow ------------- black + black---------- green--
--blue -------------------- blue -------------- yellow--
--black-- (not in use)

green/blue/orange/brown (4 pair wires)
--orange pair---
--green pair-----
--blue pair-------
--brown pair-- (not in use)

Note: for cables with orange, blue and black inner wires, the black wires should be connected to each other. For cables with red, blue, yellow and black wires, the black wires are not used, so it doesn't matter if the black wires are missing, or not connected for those cables..