How to update the Bailine BSP program

The Bailine BSP program needs to be updated at regular intervals, usually every four or eight weeks. The program will prompt you that it requires a new update as the update limit is approaching.

If the program is not updated when required it will eventually be locked.

You can unlock it again it by entering a new update-code into the program

Requesting new update codes

You can request new update codes (passwords) by emailing update@bailine.com

You always have to include your computer systems current 'ID-code'

You find this code by selecting the menu: Bailine + Update.

Look for codes like ID=XXXX-YY etc.

Please note that the ID-code on your system changes over time (usually it increases but not always) so you have to check it every time before you ask for a new update-code. If you send HQ an incorrect ID-code the code you get back will not work on your system.

Entering the update codes

From HQ you get back an update code looking something like:

ID=XXXX-YYY -> 11927 46373 09849 08667 48573 (sample code)

You enter this code by using the menu: Bailine + Update + Update by password.

Enter the code as five digits, one space, five digits, one space etc.
Hit [Enter] after the last digit. (No space after the last digit)

If the code matches your ID-code you will get a message your program has been updated.

After the program has been updated you should print out the 'update info' and store it for your reference. (Your contract may require you to do that)

No reply to your update email?

Usually you should get a reply on an update request within two working days.

If you do not receive a reply within two working days please resend your email with your ID-code.

Does your own email work properly? You can check this by sending yourself an email.
If you do not receive your own emails, you proberly wont receive emails from others either.

Some email servers are configred to block spam. In some cases this will also block legit mail.
If you a running a spam blocker, you should 'white list' email from @bailine.com.

Please note that mail is not a 100% reliable medium and sometimes emails get lost.

If you have no more time to get codes by email you should call HQ and get the codes by voice.

Date of the next update

You can find the date of the next update by selecting the menu: Bailine + Update + Information.

If you are going on vacation you can check this date and ask for the next update in advance.

Do not delay updating

It is important that you do not wait until the last moment to ask for new update code.

If something should go wrong with the calculation of the update code, or if you sent an incorrect ID-code you may not have enough time to correct for the problem if you wait until the last moment to request a new update-code.

Note that you can update the program even when the simulators are running.

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq