Running the program under DOS or Windows

As the Bailine program demands very little computer power, almost any PC-compatible computer can be used to run the BSP program in DOS mode. (Speed, memory or type of processor can be almost anything, as long as the other specifications for the computer are fulfilled.

Running under DOS it is VERY important to install SMARTDRIVE or another disk cache.

Running the program under DOS

We recommend MSDOS 7.10 (google link). Install both disks, including smartdrv.

Running the program under Windows

Note that running under Windows will only work on some Windows (32 bits) versions.

Only one or two simulators will be available as there will be delays with the updating of the simulators under Windows.

In order to run under Windows you have to install a special Windows driver that can be downloaded from: www.bailine.com/faq + download Bailine program files + Windows

If you start the program under Windows without having this driver installed, you will get an error 'Dongle or Windows driver is missing'.

You install the HINSTALL program by copying the program file to C:\

      C:\HINSTALL    -i      [Enter]

After you install the driver you will have to restart Windows before the driver takes effects.

Obsolete versions of Windows

Some versions of Windows 9x/ME has an an error blocking DOS-programs from using serial ports.

You can bypass this problem by cold starting the computer directly to DOS-mode:

Hit F8 as the PC is switched on, from the small start up meny that appears chose 'Start DOS command' or similar. This makes the computer bypassing Windows, booting directly to DOS.

Note: You will NOT bypass this error if you start DOS from Windows, or if you start DOS
by using the Start menu + Shut down Windows + Start in MSDOS mode')

Click here for how to remove the error.

For further information refer to www.bailine.com/faq